Press Release: Freiberg Instruments Expands Its Production Capacity

November 16, 2018

Freiberg Instruments today announced that it is doubling its production capacity via an addition to its headquarters building in Freiberg, Germany. The building addition will house not only an additional modern area for production assembly and test but also a fully automatic CNC machine facility. Occupancy will be complete by early December. The new building was completed ahead of Freiberg Instruments’ original timetable and within the overall project budget. The construction cost of this project is co-financed with tax revenue on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Parliament of Saxony.

In a statement on the completion of the new building, Freiberg Instruments’ CEO & Founder Dr. Kay Dornich said:
"I am extremely pleased to see the completion of this addition to our headquarters. The new production facility will enable us to gather all production and application staff in one building, and we will reduce our overall costs and our lead time by reducing our dependence on outside suppliers. The completion of the new building within Freiberg Instruments’ original timetable and project budget is consistent with our drive to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s internal operations."

Freiberg Instruments is known as an innovative supplier of X-ray diffraction equipment, carrier lifetime characterization systems, ESR spectrometers, TL/OSL readers, and PID test equipment. The company has grown rapidly since its founding in 2005 and now has an installed base of equipment of well over 1,000 systems in more than 23 countries around the world.

For more information, contact Mr. Thanga Kumar, Head of Sales & Marketing, at


Freiberg Instruments GmbH

Delfter Str. 6

D-09599 Freiberg, Saxony

Tel: +49 3731 41954 0


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