spatially resolved detector rod for shipping container measurement 


  • Time saving and effective dose rate screening of transport containers

  • Radioactivity check of floors and walls

  • Track-down of “hot spots“ over a length of 2.5 m

Detector rod

  • Detector rod with gamma sensitive Geiger Müller tubes

  • Local resolution through a serial line-up of 8 identical GM tubes

  • Uniform sensitivity over the total length of the detector rod

  • High gamma sensitivity for Co-60 with 18 cps per µSv/h


  • 2 reliable Serial Micro Channels (each of variation SMC/QD) integrated in the detector rod

  • Modular movable design with display and height adjustable detector rod

  • High flexibility in its applications through vertical and horizontal positions of the detector rod

  • Portable display und detector rod, simply with one hand (without tripod)

  • 7“ color display with touch functions, resolution 800 x 480 pixels

  • Distance measurement with laser meter

  • mains or battery pack operation, accumulator charging at mains operation, energy management for battery pack control

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